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Before christmas, about 5 minutes after we had moved in, we redecorated our lounge. The terracotta red walls and dingy ceiling were replaced for Farrow and Ball shades of grey, including a dark chimney breast, stone coloured walls and satin grey architraves. We purchased a beautiful chesterfield in tan leather for one end of the room and a linen sofa with leather piping for the other side. Then I dressed the space with warm throws, cosy cushions and thick sumptuous curtains. Throughout the winter the room was a welcoming sanctuary from the cold weather outside, with the wood burner running every evening and the soft flicker of candlelight. It worked perfectly!

Until the spring came!

Now my mind is filled with spring colours and light, airy fabrics. And so, it is time for a refresh. The room itself is not filled with natural light and while in the winter we use lamps and candles which works with the level of light in the room, in the spring and summer months this look doesn't inspire a feeling of up-lift, and we spend the majority of our time in the lighter and sunnier family room. That being said, I still wanted to use this room as a comfier, evening room. The below are some of the techniques I used to give the room a real lift.

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