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Wildflower turf company featured partner.

Image courtesy of Wildflower Turf Company

Including wildflowers into clients' gardens is one of our favourite things to do at Katherine Bedson Inteiror and Landscape Design.

We just love the array of different colors you get throughout the year, as well as the fantastic benefits for the wildlife!

We are proud to be accredited partners of the Wildflower Turf Company and will use them for all of our wildflower projects, as their quality of products is unrivaled.

Here is an article, first published by the Wildflower Turf Company, which talks about our partnership and some recent projects.

One of our newest Accredited Partners, Katherine Bedson Interior and Landscape Design, is based near Haselmere and provide landscaping services throughout Surrey, West Sussex, London and Hampshire for private and commercial clients.

The business was founded in 2017 and is run by husband and wife team Katherine and Greg Bedson. Specialising in high-end residential interior design and garden design the team joined us as Accredited Partners in September 2022 and has since utilised both the Wildflower Turf® Landscape 34 product and our Wildflower Turf® Species Rich in projects for their clients.

An experienced and passionate garden designer, Greg personally oversees all landscaping projects, from concept through to installation and maintenance. He firmly believes that “however you use your outdoor space, the garden is a fundamental extension of your home” and it is this philosophy that roots itself in all of the projects that Greg manages.

While Greg has always held an affinity for wildflowers, he was inspired to delve deeper after completing a project in 2022, which involved adding a wildflower space to an area close to a client’s pool. The stunning transformation of the pool area “wrapped around” by wildflowers has been so well received that Greg’s client has requested the development of additional wildflower areas within their garden landscape plan.

This particular project was the springboard for Greg to attend one of our training days in September last year, with a desire to learn more about wildflowers, meadow creation and the Wildflower Turf Ltd range of products in order to increase his confidence and knowledge base when designing and specifying wildflowers for his clients.

Many of Greg’s clients use wildflowers to reclaim areas that were once considered dead space, with an improvement to biodiversity high on many clients’ wish lists.


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