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Admittedly with the summer in full swing (for now) it has been a struggle to dedicate time to the nursery. However after a morning spent in the sunshine, I have now had to take my 31 week self indoors to the cool hardwood floors and squashy sofa. Opening up my laptop, I decided to re-visit the designs for the nursery. The last few items on the list are to have the cot sprayed to my exact colour specification and invite my artistic little (21 year old - finishing university) sister round to create a bespoke wall mural reflecting the birch trees that surround our garden haven.

The Heathfield 'Leaf' lamp that I have been saving for something special will sit on a handy little bedside, which will double up as a side table to my comfy armchair (still yet to find the perfect seat!) and those special little gifts will have prime position on shelves above the cot.

We've decided not to find out whether we are having a boy or a girl, but I thought the little bundle deserved a little splash of colour so we've opted for an olive/ mint green, definitely in the grey palette but a little more baby friendly perhaps!

If you have a little one on the way and are after some ideas, why not get in touch?

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