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We find inspiration all over the place, creative outlets such as Instagram, Pinterest and Houzz have opened new windows for the average homeowner allowing them to create homes that are distinctly more designed. While these outlets are useful, I'm still happy to spend an afternoon trawling through architect and designers websites looking for new and exciting ideas that are more up-to-date and perhaps that little bit more creative. Don't get me wrong, I love an afternoon on Pinterest too, but look what I cam across during a recent search.

From what I can gather, these architects are based in Moscow and while their website is all in Russian, their pictures speak a thousand (translatable!) words. Check out the below images. They seem to be big on bespoke joinery, which we like and very much into muted tones, which we love!

If you've been thinking about something similar in your home, speak to us about possible options. We have a breadth of suppliers across the spectrum so that we can match your ideas and your budget and transform your home.

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