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Using video calls and email  we can offer you a free garden design consultation to discuss your outside space.  Following this, we will request measurements, photographs and a rough idea of budget.  As with our traditional  garden design service, we will then provide you with a garden layout, 3D visualisations showing hard and soft landscaping elements, a planting scheme and an estimate for carrying out the works, which will be emailed to you for approval.  We still consider this very much a working relationship, and so if you have any changes you would like to make, or features you would like to add, we are happy to discuss all ideas as we would in person.  


Online Garden Design Service for Small Garden

    • A rough sketch - showing the shape of the garden and any existing elements you would like to keep. 
    • Main measurements - including width and length of the garden, as well as any changes in levels. If you have any plans of your garden from building registry or planning documents, this would also be useful to send over. 
    • Your address
    • An idea of budget
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