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This combination of shrubs and perennials creates a low maintenance garden which will look great all year round.

Varying leaf colours form and textures, as well as carefully chosen flowering varieties will ensure there is something for every season.


Year round interest

Low maintenance

Shelter for wildlife


Price is based on 4 plants per Sqm. Simply select the size of your border and we'll do the rest. If you are just looking to fill gaps - choose the appropriate number of plants from the list.


Plants to include a variety of, but not limited to, Pittosporum, Choisya, Euonymous, Photinia, Aucubua, Sarcoccoa, Hebe, Rosemary, Viburnum, Geum. Exact varieites will depend on availability at time of placing the order

FREE LOCAL DELIVERY -within 10 miles of Fernhurst


  • 4 plants per Sqm

    Full planting plan drawn to scale

    Care instructions

    Delivered to your door

  • Free local delivery within 10 miles radius of Fernhurst, West Sussex (GU27). For deliveries outside of this area, please get in touch prior to placing any orders for delivery costs. 

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